Eagles 1 v Rushmoor

Final Score: Eagles 67 - 39 Rushmoor

Eagles Senior 1st team were playing Rushmoor away. Having only beaten them by six in the first half of the season, we knew it was going to be another tough fixture.


Eagles’ squad for the day was captained by Hannah Plumb and included Kirsty Rusher, Charlotte Maxfield, Kat Butler, Amber Frobisher, Georgie Maxfield, Charlotte Burnage with debut appearances by Katie Fisher and Sophia Candappa (part of Wasps Netball, Vitality Superleague reigning champions).

The starting 7 for Eagles was GK- Katie, GD- Charlotte M, WD- Charlotte B, C- Amber, WA- Kat, GA- Georgie, GS- Kirsty.

Both teams came out of the blocks hard, however, despite numerous turnovers by Eagles, the lack of conversions through unforced errors and missed opportunities meant that Rushmoor took the lead, capitalising on the mistakes. After a period of going goal for goal the score at the end of the first quarter was 13-12 to Rushmoor.

Team going into 2nd quarter- GK- Katie, GD- Charlotte M, WD- Charlotte B, C- Sophia, WA- Kat, GA- Georgie, GS- Kirsty.

The second quarter saw a slight change to Eagles centre court with Sophia taking the Centre bib. Eagles tightened up in defence forcing many of Rushmoors’ centre passes to go back to their supporting WD and GD than towards goal and found better connections in attack which resulted in the lead swinging Eagles’ way (end of second quarter 28-21 to Eagles – Eagles won the quarter 16-8).

Team going into 3rd quarter- GK- Katie, GD- Hannah, WD- Charlotte M, C- Sophia, WA- Amber, GA- Georgie, GS- Kirsty).

With a difference of 7 goals still being a close scoreline, Eagles knew they had to step up the work rate. Despite changes in Eagles defensive combination, the unit remained strong denying many opportunities for goal and the injection of fresh legs increased the number of turnovers.

Rushmoor’s shooting was accurate and so the team knew the turnovers had to be made higher up the court. This quarter also saw the combination of student and teacher playing together in attack in Sophia and Amber (from Wellington College). A solid quarter for Eagles (end of third quarter 46-29 to Eagles – Eagles won the quarter 18-8).

Team going into 4th quarter- GK- Katie, GD- Hannah, WD- Charlotte M, C- Amber, WA- Kat, GA- Georgie, GS- Kirsty.

Eagles were determined to finish the game well, as they had done in their previous match against Weston Park Blades. With the same attacking combination which started, they made improvements to how the game began and linked better which resulted in more goals being scored.

Credit to Rushmoor who fought to the end and converted more goals than in their 2nd and 3rd quarter. A well contested match by both teams which resulted in an end score of 67-39 to Eagles (Eagles won the quarter 21-10).

Rushmoor’s players of the match were their WA (Keri) and GA (Sarah) who linked well in their attack and converted shots really well.

Eagles player of the match was their WA (Kat Butler).


Umpires were Chantel Moore and Becci Dick.