Eagles U12 v Newbury 

Final Score:  Eagles 40 – 7 Newbury. (W)

Squad: Dane, Helena, Izzy, Charlotte (C), Charlotte (Y), Amelie, Marta, Kiera and Annabel.

Squad: Dane, Helena, Izzy, Charlotte (C), Charlotte (Y), Amelie, Marta, Kiera and Annabel.

Eagles started strongly with immediate intercept from Newbury’s centre and we’re off the blocks; Kiera, Helena and Dane were a solid wall at the back not allowing Newbury into the D until well into the quarter whilst Marta linked up brilliantly with the two Charlottes and Annabel scoring almost every shot.  Newbury’s GS is the main danger and she does manage to score twice from her only 2 shots.  12-2 at the end of Q1.

Newbury start the 2nd well and a beautiful long range shot from their GS get them one back.  Eagles respond immediately with fast passes down the court and a great high ball in from Izzy to Marta and Eagles are in charge again.  The solid defensive wall at the back, Annabel’s fast balls in the centre and some lovely linking up between Izzy, Marta and Amelie around the D and Newbury just can’t compete with the pace and fast passes.  26-4 at half time.

They Shoot They Score 04.02.18.jpeg

The iron defense and pace continue in the 3rd with interceptions from Charlotte, Izzy, and our back 3 of Helena, Dane and Kiera.  Now the passes are sloppy though, we’re getting in good positions and then throwing it away with poor passing, offside and silly errors… the shoots just won’t go in and it’s a disappointing 3rd quarter from the girls.  31-6 heading into the final quarter.

Eagles are well in control and have all the possession in the final period.  More silly errors and wild passes keeping the score down, although Marta and Amelie are linking up brilliantly in the D to create shooting opportunities for each other.  Final score Eagles 40 – 7 Newbury.

This has been another great team performance with everyone playing their part and it’s Dane that get’s a well deserved Player of the Match from Newbury.

Defensively we were great today, we kept the pressure and the pace up despite being well on top from the off.  Communication and passing need work, careless passes having done the hard work is disappointing.  The camaraderie with everyone supporting each other was fantastic and another great win.  Well done girls!