Eagles U14 v Clan

Final Score: Eagles 28 v 37 Clan (L)

We all came into this game positive, not so much that we would win but that we would put up a good fight. In the first quarter, it was a bit sloppy, we weren’t working very well together and a lot of silly mistakes were made. This led to Clan starting off ahead with a score of 8-4 to them.

In the second quarter, we still held our heads up high and managed to securely bring the score up. The attack were working very well around the circle and got us a lot of goals. The defence were doing a great job at making sure the goal attack and shooter weren’t free, giving the mid court players a chance of getting the ball up the court. The score was 16-14 to them.


In the third quarter, we came back even stronger. We were all determined to keep up the good play that had happened in the previous quarter. The defence were doing a fantastic job at keeping the ball out of the D and putting the opposite attack under pressure. The shooting was spectacular thanks to or goal attack and shooter who weren’t missing any. The attack were very speedy and smart and got the ball to the shooters almost every time. This time the score was 23-24 to Clan and we were all extremely proud of ourselves.

In the last quarter, we were still strong but unfortunately, Clan pulled out a new shooter who was very good. We all continued to work hard but we made some mistakes still and it cost us some goals. Everyone was tired but we still tried our best and the final score was 28-37 to Clan.

Overall, it was a good match and we won two out of four quarters. Well done to everyone! Abbey was voted player of the match by Clan.