Eagles U14 v B's

Final Score:  Eagles 23 v B's 50 (L)

Our 6th game in the U14 south region was against B’s. It was our last game before Christmas and, even though we knew it was going to be very difficult, everyone worked very hard.

In the first quarter, everyone played really well. The defence was turning the ball over, our passing was really good and the shooters were getting most shots in. The score at the end of the first quarter was quite close, 10-14 to B’s.

Our second quarter wasn’t as strong and although we made a few interceptions we also began to make quite a lot of silly mistakes. By the end of the quarter, we didn’t score many goals making the score 16-27.

The third quarter was our weakest, as we only scored 2 goals. B’s defence were very strong while the quality of our passes and our decision-making dropped, so they managed to widened the gap between our scores significantly. The result was 18-40 to the opposing team.

At the start of the final quarter B’s got a considerable amount of goals but we upped our game during the end and began to score more. The quality in the defensive and attacking end was much better. In the end, the score was 23-50 to B’s.

We gave our player of the match to the WD who got a lot of interceptions and really impacted the game.

Everyone played exceptionally. Well done to Abi who played GS and was the player of the match because of her amazing shooting, it was very well deserved!

Match Report by: Phoenix Kershaw