Undefeated Eagles take on top of the table B’s…
A tough match for both teams!

Q1.  With the Eagles having the first centre pass, they get the ball up the court and score their first goal within the first 30 seconds. It’s a bit of a shaky start for the team, and the B’s are proving a tough opposition within the first few minutes, with some impressive defending and attacking.  Grace manages to score the second goal a minute later despite the B’s GK doing her best to defend.  It appears difficult for the Eagles to maintain possession, and the B’s are dominating and gaining control of the game.  Eagles have a throw in but passing is a little clumsy and there are a few drops of the ball.  The defending Eagles Keira and Holly are working hard in an attempt to prevent the B’s passing the ball down the court.  Some good passing between Izzy and Lottie and managing to feed the ball to Grace but the B’s have managed to close the gap in score within about five minutes of play ending this quarter with B’s 6 – 7 Eagles.

Q2.  The only change in the team is Sophie as GS replacing Grace.  There is a positive start to the game for the Eagles with Lottie scoring within the first minute.  The Eagles are showing some better defending and the team’s passing is a little tighter.  Anna is proving a great GK and defending the goal brilliantly.  The ball is making its way up the court to Lottie who has responded with a fantastic goal quickly followed by a goal from Sophie.  Despite their lead, the Eagles have to defend hard against the B’s and Izzy makes a great interception, towards Holly who’s defending and then passing to Sophie leads to a further goal. There is some better movement within the passing of the ball and a great manoeuvre by Lottie results in another goal. This quarter ends B’s 12 – 20 Eagles.

Q3.  A slow start to the game and some clumsy passing results in loss of possession resulting in the B’s scoring the first goal of this quarter. The Eagles are desperately trying to find a way through the B’s defence and are struggling to maintain possession of the ball.  However, a chance opening and Sophie scores.  There are some changes in style and tactics and this seems to be confusing the team and it is taking time to get the ball into the D and to get another goal.  A rethink and change back to recognisable strategies results in the Eagles scoring; but what a fight for possession and despite this being a difficult quarter, Eagles remain ahead. B’ 18 – 27 Eagles.

Q4.  Sophie opens this quarter with a great goal and we are seeing much improved play from the Eagles team.  The ball was just about to go out of court but a beautiful interception by Amelia keeps it in play and results in another goal for the Eagles team.  The ball play looks cleaner and sharper and despite pressure by the B’s the Eagles are keeping their head in the game and some great passing between Amelia and Izzy to our shooters.  This quarter sees the Eagles play with more fluidity and tenacity resulting in a final score of B’s 22 – 42 Eagles and the Eagles being the only undefeated team in their league.

B’s SKY 22 - 42 EAGLES

All the girls played well, Holly especially deserved the vote by B’s as the Player of the Match.