Final Score: Eagles 36 - Royals 17

Venue: Windsor Girls School

Date: Sunday 23 September 2018

A resounding team effort resulting in a convincing win by Eagles.

Eagles were strong in the 1st quarter and dominated play. The team certainly had a fighting spirit. With excellent passing and much Eagles’ possession, the girls played at a fast and furious pace. The determined defenders worked hard throughout the whole game but gave the opposition very few chances in this quarter. They intercepted many Royals’ passes. Conversely, Eagles shooters capitalised on their opportunities, which were created by a strong centre third, and the quarter finished 12-3.

Royals came out stronger in the 2nd quarter and the game was much more balanced. The ball moved end to end, with each team scoring, and the tension built. Footwork faults were punished but the overall flow of the game was not disrupted. The match became more exciting with great passing and several turnovers. The score in the quarter was level pegging until a late flourish from Eagles. The quarter finished with an overall score of 21-9.

Eagles started the quarter well and landed the first 3 goals. Eagles’ defenders were on fire and prevented Royals from scoring early on. Royals then clawed back 3 goals from sustained effort. The centre third worked hard and it was a game of cat and mouse with both teams playing well. Overall score at the end of the quarter 27-14.

The final quarter started with early pressure from Royals, who scored first. Eagles then levelled. The defence stayed strong and there were many interceptions which kept Royals at bay. Meanwhile, plenty of ball was reaching the shooters who played tactically and passed wisely. They took their opportunities and Eagles scored well to finished on top and widen the scoreline. The match score finished at 36-17.