Final score Eagles 60 : 27 Clan

Eagles v Clan.jpg

The first quarter started off slowly for both teams. We made quite a few unforced  mistakes. Although we didn’t start off well we converted five of Clan’s centres to goal resulting in Eagles winning the first quarter 14-8.

The second quarter started off much better with Eagles scoring 8 goals consecutively. This came from an amazing performance from both the attack and the defence. However by the end of the quarter we began to get tired and this meant we began to revert back to how we played in the first quarter. Clan competed well and the final score of this quarter was 30-15.

In the third quarter it was quite even between both teams. We didn’t defend as well as we did previously. Consequently we didn’t manage to convert many of Clan’s centres at the beginning of this quarter. Although we played much better as the quarter continued Clan also kept contesting. This led to Eagles winning this quarter by only 7 goals.

In the final quarter Eagles played amazingly. Many positions changed around meaning our players were less tired and could play much better. Defensively, Eagles were much stronger with Zahra and even some of the attacking players made great interceptions. In the attack we also played well and there were some great feeds into our GS. Our GA also made some great drives into the circle and this meant we scored lots of goals. We were also stronger through the centre and we made less unforced errors. This was our best quarter as we only let in 3 goals.

The final score was 60-27 to Eagles which was an impressive improvement from our last match against Clan.

The player of the match was Lucy because she worked well both in defensive and attack. She also fed our GS well.


Match report by Phoenix Kershaw