Final Score Eagles 28 : 51 Amber Jets


We went into this game, targeting to try and make the least mistakes possible.

 In the first quarter of the game, we started off strong. We managed to get the first interception and therefore get the first two goals. Our attack were moving swiftly and defence were staying tight on. However after the first five mins, the opposing team managed to adapt to us and quickly started to get goals in. Their attack were very quick so the defence really had to work hard. The final score of that quarter was 13:6 to them.

 In the second quarter, we kept trying to block their play but unfortunately we kept on making too many silly mistakes and couldn’t get the ball up the court. This cost us a lot because the opposing defence were very tall and went for a lot of flies. So the attack struggled to get it to the shooter. This was our weakest quarter as we lost 16:3 bringing the score to 29:9 to them.

 The third quarter was by far the best quarter. All the defence were tight on and even managing to get some good interceptions. And the attack were much quicker and smoother with getting the ball up the court. We also cut out a lot of mistakes to make our game more clean. This quarter was so successful that we won it 13:9 bringing the score to 38:22 to them.

 The last quarter of the match was tight. The opposing team had changed their goal attack to shooter so the defence had to adjust to the change. The attack continued to bring the ball up the court but the opposing defence were getting a lot of interceptions.

Our mistakes started again but not as many as the first two quarters. The score of that quarter was 13:6 to them bringing the overall score to 51:28.

 Overall we are very proud of how we played as we managed to achieve the target we’d set for ourselves which was to cut out mistakes. We clearly rattled the opposing team and we got better and better as we went through, even winning a quarter. Our player of the match was Abi Layng for her excellent shooting.

By Zahra Kateregga