Final Score: Eagles 27- Magnet 18.

Date: Sunday 9 December

Venue: Windsor Girls School

The last game of the term!

Q1:- Magnet scored in the opening few minutes of the game and looked strong throughout the first quarter. There were several excellent interceptions by Eagles’ Wing Defence.

Magnet dominated play and looked impressive; their passing of the ball was tidy and efficient. The Eagles’ shooters persevered to score but there were chances missed. 

Magnet dominated the end of the quarter but Eagles’ Goal Defence worked hard and denied them scoring opportunities. The quarter finished Eagles 7 - Magnet 4.

Q2:- Eagles made a stronger start to the second half and the Eagles’ shooters were more consistent. Eagles’ Centre worked hard throughout the quarter but play was less tidy from both teams.

Magnet then ceased their first real opportunity for a while and scored. There was plenty of pressure form Eagles’ defence and Magnet could not capitalise further. 

Meanwhile, the Eagles’ shooters were persevering and there was a steady stream of goals. The quarter finished Eagles 14 - Magnet 5.

Q3:- Magnet had a very strong third quarter with several sensational goals scored, some from long range. Their confidence grew.

Eagles were working hard but the goals weren’t coming as easily. Changes were made and the team regrouped and worked hard. Eagles’ Centre and Goal Attack looked strong.

The quarter finished Eagles 18 - Magnet 11.

Q4:- The game became faster and there was lots of running up and down court from both teams. 

For the first section of the quarter, each team scored consecutively but then the Eagles shooting became stronger and the scoreline widened.

Both team were working hard but gameplay was becoming less tight. Tiredness was setting in. Overall an exciting game to watch.

The match score finished Eagles 27 - Magnet 18.

Player of the match was Eve Bishopp. Well done!