Eagles U14 v Clan

Final Score: Eagles 33 v Clan 45 (L)

Our second u14 Regional match against  Clan was very exciting. We lost 45-33, but all of us had tried extremely hard in all quarters of the tiring match.

The first quarter was going great as we were winning 11-7. We were getting free on the court and running speedily down to our side of the circle. Also, the defence was doing superb, by turning over some balls and bringing the ball down to the attack, getting in some extra goals. We had a full tank of energy.

The second quarter Clan were steadily catching up, due to our passes somewhat lacking height and accuracy. However, the defence was trying to keep the game going strong with their interceptions. Although the attack was also working well as we were able to intercept a couple of balls here and there, Clan did manage to catch up narrowing the score to 20-19.

When we approached the third quarter we all were losing the ability to look at each other, in terms of where everyone was going on the court and also kept on running behind our opposition, which followed to silly mistakes. But we still kept a positive mindset despite the fact that Clan had beaten us considerably in this quarter bringing the score to 34-25.

We were very determined to close the gap between the scores and to do our absolute best in the final quarter, so the attack brought the ball down the court many times, resulting in a few goals. The defence brought back their commitment and confidence in defending and turning over the ball, hoping we would safely bring it down to our side. We managed to take control of the game and concentrated, even though it was tough. At the end Clan had won 45-33.

Well done to all the girls for the exceptional play and putting everything into the game! Also well done to Tori for getting player of the match voted by Clan, well deserved!

Match Report by Amarise Bains