Match Report


Final Score: Eagles 36 - Royals 17

Venue: Windsor Girls School

Date: Sunday 23 September 2018

A resounding team effort resulting in a convincing win by Eagles.

Eagles were strong in the 1st quarter and dominated play. The team certainly had a fighting spirit. With excellent passing and much Eagles’ possession, the girls played at a fast and furious pace. The determined defenders worked hard throughout the whole game but gave the opposition very few chances in this quarter. They intercepted many Royals’ passes. Conversely, Eagles shooters capitalised on their opportunities, which were created by a strong centre third, and the quarter finished 12-3.

Royals came out stronger in the 2nd quarter and the game was much more balanced. The ball moved end to end, with each team scoring, and the tension built. Footwork faults were punished but the overall flow of the game was not disrupted. The match became more exciting with great passing and several turnovers. The score in the quarter was level pegging until a late flourish from Eagles. The quarter finished with an overall score of 21-9.

Eagles started the quarter well and landed the first 3 goals. Eagles’ defenders were on fire and prevented Royals from scoring early on. Royals then clawed back 3 goals from sustained effort. The centre third worked hard and it was a game of cat and mouse with both teams playing well. Overall score at the end of the quarter 27-14.

The final quarter started with early pressure from Royals, who scored first. Eagles then levelled. The defence stayed strong and there were many interceptions which kept Royals at bay. Meanwhile, plenty of ball was reaching the shooters who played tactically and passed wisely. They took their opportunities and Eagles scored well to finished on top and widen the scoreline. The match score finished at 36-17.

U12A Eagles v Magnet

Final score Eagles 57 - 14 Magnet.

Venue: Windsor Girls School

Date: Sunday 6th January 2019


The Eagles looked rested after the Christmas break and took an early lead with three goals in quick succession. This gave the team confidence and gameplay flowed as the ball was passed from end to end with ease. There was solid marking by the Eagles’ defence but Magnet persisted and scored regularly throughout the quarter. Magnet’s Goalkeeper made several impressive blocks to deny Eagles and there were several long range goals from the Magnet’s shooter.

However, the Eagles’ attackers took their chances and the goals started to add up. There was sustained pressure from Eagles’ Wing Attack. 

The quarter finished Eagles 11 - 6 Magnet.

Eagles were relentless in the second quarter and there was a flurry of early goals by the Eagles’ shooters. Magnet started the quarter with passion and scored an amazing goal but Eagles were moving the ball quickly and were keeping possession. Eagles passed the ball accurately and there was plenty of interception by Eagles’ Centre. Eagles’ Wing Attack was proving pivotal to the game and Eagles continued to score time and time again.

The Eagles’ centre third worked hard to feed the ball back to the attackers; their passing, timing and footwork was solid and flawless. The game was fast moving with plenty of action and although Magnet were working very hard, the strength of the Eagles’ defenders shone through. Wing Defence was playing solidly too. The quarter finished with another outstanding goal from Magnet.

The quarter finished Eagles 28 - 10 Magnet.

Magnet were the first to score but once again Eagles dominated at the start of the quarter. Magnet’s defenders were applying much pressure and the Eagles shooters had to work harder to score. Magnet then started to take control, held possession and they scored several goals. The game then became a little rushed and both sides missed opportunities. Penalties were awarded to both sides.

The quarter finished Eagles 40 - 14 Magnet.

Magnet played with determination in the last quarter but Eagles were motivated to increase the goal difference. The Eagles were unstoppable and every member of the team played their part with conviction. Eagles continued to score regularly throughout the quarter and the shooters took more risk with some long range balls. 

Rebecca Perry was Player of the Match. Well done!

Overall an exciting game to watch with both teams playing really well.

Eagles U12A v B's Sky

Final score Eagles 37 : 29 B’s Sky

Eagles U12A Soar to the Summit

10th February 2019, St Neots School was the venue that Eagles U12A won what will probably prove to be their toughest fixture of the season, beating B’s Sky by 37-29.

The game started with even possession between the sides, and perhaps a few signs of nerves in this 'must win' fixture, as a number of passes were mis-placed, and despite having a lead of four at one point, the score was only 9-7 to the away side by the end of the first quarter.

B’s started the second quarter strongly and with Eagles conceding a number of chances, they were slightly fortunate to increase their lead to 16-13 at half time.

In the third quarter Eagles got a grip of the game, with greater possession. The goal shooting continued to be of a high standard, with the percentages of both teams very strong. The third quarter finished with the score at 25-21, with Eagles having increased their lead by one point each quarter.

The team showed great energy in the final quarter and girl of the game Rebecca Perry kept her composure as the score finished 37-29, leaving Eagles set to be perched on top of the league table.

A great match, thank you B’s!

A great match, thank you B’s!


Final Score: Eagles 27- Magnet 18.

Date: Sunday 9 December

Venue: Windsor Girls School

The last game of the term!

Q1:- Magnet scored in the opening few minutes of the game and looked strong throughout the first quarter. There were several excellent interceptions by Eagles’ Wing Defence.

Magnet dominated play and looked impressive; their passing of the ball was tidy and efficient. The Eagles’ shooters persevered to score but there were chances missed. 

Magnet dominated the end of the quarter but Eagles’ Goal Defence worked hard and denied them scoring opportunities. The quarter finished Eagles 7 - Magnet 4.

Q2:- Eagles made a stronger start to the second half and the Eagles’ shooters were more consistent. Eagles’ Centre worked hard throughout the quarter but play was less tidy from both teams.

Magnet then ceased their first real opportunity for a while and scored. There was plenty of pressure form Eagles’ defence and Magnet could not capitalise further. 

Meanwhile, the Eagles’ shooters were persevering and there was a steady stream of goals. The quarter finished Eagles 14 - Magnet 5.

Q3:- Magnet had a very strong third quarter with several sensational goals scored, some from long range. Their confidence grew.

Eagles were working hard but the goals weren’t coming as easily. Changes were made and the team regrouped and worked hard. Eagles’ Centre and Goal Attack looked strong.

The quarter finished Eagles 18 - Magnet 11.

Q4:- The game became faster and there was lots of running up and down court from both teams. 

For the first section of the quarter, each team scored consecutively but then the Eagles shooting became stronger and the scoreline widened.

Both team were working hard but gameplay was becoming less tight. Tiredness was setting in. Overall an exciting game to watch.

The match score finished Eagles 27 - Magnet 18.

Player of the match was Eve Bishopp. Well done!