U12 Eagles 54 - 6 Finch

There was an early goal from Finch but Eagles quickly equalised and added 2 more goals to the total. After some good play from both teams, with Eagles managing to feed the ball into the D more consistently, and some great passes the score at the end of the first quarter was 12-2 to Eagles.

There was a fast paced start in the second quarter of the game with some good defence from Imogen, Tamara and Rhiannon. This combined with great team work by the attackers Tilly, Isla, Annabel and Eloise resulted in the score at the end of the quarter of 27-4.

Strong attacking from Eagles continued at the start of quarter 3, with some good centre court passes from Eva and Sienna getting the ball into the D. Fluid play by Eagles in the second half of the quarter took the score to 46-4.

There was a slower pace to the start of the final quarter . Some strong interceptions from Isobel prevented Finch's hard work resulting in goals.  Finch continued to play well and scored 2 goals in quick succession. Despite tiredness setting the great team work from everyone resulted in a final score of 54-6 to Eagles.

POM for Eagles Isobel
POT for Finch was their great GA


Eagles U16 v Woodley White

A strong performance today, with confidence across the team building and great foundation to build from
Eagles 59 - 14 Woodley White
Wellington College 06.10.2019

The match got off to a positive start with strong defensive play, marking and turnarounds from the girls. Keira achieved some great interceptions which set the tone for the game.Passing was positive into Grace who converted well, with Sophie supporting Grace with some impressive shooting. The girls kept up the pressure forcing errors, although there were a few opportunities missed to capitalise on rebounds. Georgia and Nya worked well in defence with strong marking and great interceptions supported with some positive centre play from Helena. Izzy was quick to react following a penalty, seizing the opportunity to pass through to Grace for a great goal. In the last moments of the game the girls just missed out with a disallowed goal which had been taken after the quarter end whistle had blown.  Q1 score: 15 - 4 Eagles

Off to another strong start with Lottie seizing a rebound securing the first goal of Q2. Grace continued strong with some great shooting and confident style supporting Lottie well in the D. A great reset from Georgia to go on to set up Grace to another goal scored. Ball placement was good and both Kiera and Amelia continued the trend achieving some great interceptions. Resets were improved from Q1 with Amelia quick on the uptake from Centre to pass through to score. The team in general were playing well, with great energy, communication, accurate passing, hands up high and pressure maintained. Georgia managed 3 great interceptions in succession, with defence play strong all round. Play was stopped due to a collision between Georgia and the Woodley GA’s nose. The impact was unavoidable with no fault attributed to either player.  Play resumed minus the Woodley GA for the remainder of the quarter! Q2 score: 31 - 6 Eagles

Soon after the whistle blew for Q3 Amelia secured another great interception which was fed through to Grace for goal 32. Strong defensive play continued with good pressure maintained to force Woodley errors for Eagles to convert to goals. Grace’s general play was impressive with some really confident shooting. Amelia kept those arms high forcing mistakes and securing further interceptions. A last ditched attempt from Sophie to secure a goal in the final seconds sadly didn’t make it in but 10 out of 10 for effort and nearly colliding with the post!! Q3 Score: 43 - 7 Eagles

Tiredness was setting in with some confusion from the outset and a strong final push from Woodley.  Woodley seized some early offensive opportunities and defended well. Kiera and Nya both held the defence well with a few interceptions allowing Sophie to drive forward and score a couple of great goals.  Concentration was definitely down on the first 3 quarters with slower than normal reactions to penalties and a few missed opportunities to seize the advantage. Overall Woodley had a very good Q4 performance, however Eagles were able to secure 12 more goals in the final quarter and were pipped by the whistle for the 60.  Overall a really strong game with great play from all the girls and a well deserved result. 

 Final Score 59-14 Eagles.

Congratulations to Amelia for player of the match
Woodley Player of the match was their WA

Post-match comments:
Defence was strong, shooting equally impressive and some great forced errors.
Areas to focus on: foot work, ball placement & resets standing out the most to work on.

Squad today: Nya, Georgia, Keira, Helena, Amelia, Izzy, Lottie, Sophie, Grace


IMG_8145 2.jpg

Eagles U16 v Royals Navy

Another exciting match with the team looking well able to defeat the Royals team from the first quarter
Eagles 36 - 23 Royals Navy
Wellington College 29.09.2019

The Q1 CP was won by Eagles although the first couple of goals were scored by Royals putting the girls on the back foot. With good pressure from Helena in particular, Eagles were also able to score with the first goal from Grace.  There were a lot of great interceptions from Georgia and Keira chased the ball doggedly. It became clear that after two defeats, this game was eminently winnable. There was some excellent passing between Izzy & Lottie which moved the ball up the court and Nya also defended excellently. Score at the end of the first quarter a very respectable 8 - 8. (Holly & Sophie off)

Q2 started well with a couple of goals in quick succession from Grace. Eagles were clearly moving into their stride. There was a lot of great & well timed passing between Izzy, Lottie & Sophie. Nya stuck like glue to her GA to ensure that she couldn’t get close to the goal thus curtailing her goal scoring opportunities. Keira made some good flying interceptions and the passing between the girls was much more fluid than the previous week. Holly was drafted in to support the girls, as the squad was depleted due to injury and other sporting commitments, and she made some excellent interceptions in the circle again reducing the number of goals the Royals team could score. Score at the end of the second quarter 20-15 to Eagles. (Helena & Georgia off)

Q3 Holly again made some excellent interceptions thereby putting pressure on Royals who missed opportunities to shoot. Good pressure from Helena, Holly & Georgia meant Royals were only able to score 2 goals in this quarter. There was excellent passing between Sophie, Lottie & Keira which meant that Eagles were able to score 7 goals to Royals 2. Score at the end of third quarter 27-17 to Eagles. (Izzy & Nya off)

Q4 Having done so brilliantly in the previous quarters there were some passing errors which impacted on the number of goals that could have been scored. This was probably as a result of tiredness as the girls had all played incredibly well – hard and fast with some brilliant interceptions. This quarter saw another 9 goals from Eagles with some excellent shooting from Sophie.  Final score 36-23 to Royals.

Eagles worked really hard and applied a lot of pressure to the U16 Royals team. Overall another really excellent & entertaining performance. With focus on more precision passing, the girls should be able to widen their lead over the Royals team the next time they play them.

Player of the match went to Helena which was very well deserved.

Squad – Georgia, Grace, Helena, Keira, Nya, Izzy, Lottie, Holly & Sophie.

Shooting stats – Grace 70%, Sophie 69%, Lottie 50%.

U12 Eagles 21 - 23 Woodley

After a fast start and a goal for Eagles, Woodley quickly recovered with 3 goals. Eagles gave away several balls in their goal third before coming back with a two goals making it 4 all. Another goal from Imogen via a penalty in the D made it 5-4 to Eagles at the end of the first quarter. 

A slower start to the 2nd quarter with only 2 goals from Eagles in the first 5 minutes. Eloise and Cara finding space between a good Woodley defence. Woodley then followed up with 2 quick goals despite good defending from Isobel. Some great intercepts from Rhiannon and a score at the end of the 2nd quarter of 10-7 to Eagles. 

An intense 3rd quarter with lots of pressure from Woodley and some great shooting from their GS. Eagles lost the ball multiple times during the quarter and despite some intercepts from Isla the quarter ended 16-18 to Woodley.

It was a fast paced start to the final quarter with some slick passes from Annabel and Sienna into the goal area. Despite a great rally from Eagles in the final 5 minutes and some amazing interceptions from Tamara the final score was 23-21 to Woodley.

POT match was the fantastic GS for Woodley. 
POT match was Tamara. 


U12 Eagles 18 - 24 Bs

A tight start to the match with sterling defence from Isobel and Tamara and great shooting from Isla and Imogen resulted in Q1 finishing with the teams on par at 5-5. Bs edged ahead in the second quarter and moved to a 3 goal lead; despite some good mid court play from Eva, Sienna and Rhiannon. We kept in touch in Q3; but Bs extended the lead by 2 with continued good shooting - despite some great interceptions and tips from Tamara and Isobel again. Tilly came on at GS and combined well with Isla; while Annabel returned after also playing in Q1, and she and Eloise were busy and productive in mid court. In Q4, we managed to close the gap to 2 and had a couple of goes at closing to a 1 goal gap; but the opportunity to create pressure slipped away and the Bs shooters hit their stride again; leaving us with too much to do in the last couple of minutes. A great game from all the girls.

POM - Isobel


Eagles U16 v Magnet

A close match where experience showed…the re-match will be tighter.
Windsor Girls School 22.09.2019

A great match to watch and during Q2 Eagles were within 2 goals of Magnet. It was a really rich game despite the fact that all the Eagles girls seemed to be suffering with a lurgy of some sort!

Q1 – Magnet opened strongly with a couple of goals scored in close succession. Eagles’ first goal came from Sophie. Keira made some great interceptions and deflected a penalty throw which was then won by Nya. Good pressure was applied to Magnet by Georgia, Amelia & Sophia. Magnet scored a number of goals in quick succession. Eagles managed to get the ball up the court but were unable to score due to strong defence and marking by Magnet. Score at the end of the first quarter 11 - 4 to Magnet.

Q2 started well with lots of energy and some really fluid play. There were some great interceptions from Nya & Keira and Grace & Sophie scored 6 goals apiece. Nya and Georgia put good pressure on Magnet in the circle and some misplaced passes from Magnet were won by the Eagles girls. There was some great passing between Georgia, Amelia and Helena.  At one point during this quarter Eagles were only 2 goals behind Magnet. Score at the end of the second quarter 23-16 to Magnet.

Q3 again started well with Nya intercepting well and winning rebound balls in the circle. Good passing was in evidence between Sophia, Georgia & Keira. This quarter saw some silly mistakes and poor passing which meant that the goal difference widened. Score at the end of third quarter 33-22 to Magnet.

Q4 started well with some good interceptions from Sophia, Georgia & Keira. Amelia also made a number of great passes. Magnet pulled away from Eagles towards the end of the quarter and scored a number of goals in quick succession. Final score 44-31 to Magnet.

Eagles worked really hard and applied a lot of pressure to the U16 Magnet team. Q2 showed that they are able to get close to the older girls’ score. Overall another really good performance of which they can be justly proud.

Player of the match went to Amelia which was well deserved.

Squad – Amelia, Georgia, Grace, Helena, Keira, Nya, Sophia D & Sophie.

Shooting stats – Grace 57%, Sophie 57%.


Eagles U16 v Finch Black

Eagles put up a good fight in their first encounter with an U16 A team
Wellington 15.09.2019

Eagles went into this match knowing it would be difficult. This is Finch’s A team and the 2 year age difference shows, in height, speed and aggression.

Q1  started with a quick goal to Finch within the first minute although this was quickly matched by a goal from Lottie for Eagles.  Great interception from Keira against a very tough opposition.  Finch soon picked up the pace and scored a number of goals in succession.  Eagles managed to get the ball up the court but were unable to get it in the net due to a very tight defence and marking from Finch.  Eagles kept up the pressure scoring 4 goals but weren’t able to stop Finch scoring 11.  Score at end of first quarter 11-4 to Finch.

Q2 was much the same with 3 quick goals from Finch to start.  There was some good passing from Kiera to Amelia and Izzy into the D to allow 2 quick goals from Grace followed by Sophia.  Eagles kept up the pressure against a tough team with great play from Georgia to Kiera to Izzy but Finch made some excellent interceptions to get the ball into their end of the court. There were some great interceptions from Georgia and Sophie too. Finch were in control by the end of the second quarter 21-6.

In Q3 Eagles stepped up their game and played a better quarter keeping the ball towards their end of the court with some great interceptions from Sophia and Keira.  Although when Finch got the ball it was quick play to score a succession of goals.  Some good marking from Nya to allow for some turnovers, and when Amelia and Izzy were able to get the ball into the D some good shooting from Sophie and Lottie doubling the Eagles score to end the quarter 34-12 Finch.

Some quick goals from Finch again at the start of Q4 but some great passing between Amelia, Lottie and Sophie and some good interceptions from Sophia.  Eagles kept up the defence but made some silly mistakes as fatigue started to show.  Some excellent interceptions from Nya to get the ball quickly down the court and good defence from Georgia and Sophia but they were unable to get through the Finch defence.  Much better play from Eagles for the second half of the game, increasing the score by 7 with much better shooting stats in this final quarter, Grace lining 3 out of 4 and Sophie 4 out of 5.  Final score 49-19 to Finch.

Eagles worked really hard and applied a lot of pressure during the game, creating some well deserved turnovers.  This first encounter with an U16 A team was always going to be tough; the girls gave a good account of themselves and have demonstrated that they can compete at this level.
Next time they won’t be overwhelmed in the first half…they are learning lots. Player of the match went deservedly to Keira.

Amelia, Lottie, Georgia, Grace, Izzy, Keira, Nya, Sophia (D) and Sophie

Shooting Stats: Grace 50%, Lottie 75%, Sophie 73%.

Eagles U16 v Finch White

Eagles Triumph in their first match of the Season
Wellington 08.09.2019

Girls first match of the season and the first time playing up in the U16 league. So there were some nerves going into the game.  Nerves which soon disappeared once they were under way.

With interception after interception from Keira, Izzy, Georgia and Nya Eagles put Finch under pressure from the start.  And with Grace shooting well and pulling both defenders onto her to allow Lottie in to shoot, the pressure was reflected in the 11-4 score at the end of the first quarter.

Q2 was much of the same with lots of interceptions including some flying leaps from Sophia and strong shooting from both Lottie and Sophie as well as some acrobatics from Sophie to keep the ball in play and get the pass away to lottie. The 26-7 score line at halftime could have been higher if it were not for some great rebounding by Finch.

After the break the interceptions kept coming with Keira, Amelia and Helena getting in on the acrobatics.  The game had slowed though and the Eagles passing became a bit ragged, giving away procession and unnecessary offsides around the D.  Sophia and Nya continued to rebound well, whilst Grace and Sophie linked up well in the later part of the quarter to bring the score up to 40-9 with 15 minutes to go.

Headin into the final quarter and the fatigue was beginning to show.  The turnovers kept on coming though and the Eagles girls came together as a team once more linking up beautifully from end to end.  Fabulous rebounds from Georgia and Sophia; great feeds from Izzy and Lottie into Grace. Georgia tracking beautifully across the D to intercept a number of times.

The final score was a well deserved victory for Eagles 55-12 on their first U16 match of the new season.

Grace was honored with Player of the Match; the Goal Attack on the Finch side was voted for by the Eagles team.  Well done Grace, well deserved. And welcome to Nya, the newest member of our squad.

Amelia, Lottie, Georgia, Grace, Helena, Izzy, Keira, Nya, Sophia and Sophie

Shooting Stats: Grace 79%, Lottie 77%, Sophie 55%.


Eagles U13 v Woodley

Eagles 61 - 19 Woodley

The final match! Undefeated Eagles take on mid-table Woodley Blue.  The last time these two teams met Eagles defeated them with a comfortable 43 – 14.  Can the Eagles improve on this and remain the only undefeated team in the U13s Berkshire League?


Woodley have the first centre pass and the start of the game begins with some quick passing and an early goal from the Eagles GS Grace.  Eagles are already dominating the first quarter with a lovely defensive interception from Keira which sets up the second goal for the Eagles with just a couple of minutes having passed.  There is a positive buzz around the court and the Eagles are decisive and fluid in their passing in the first five minutes of play.  Some silly mistakes from the team however see Woodley score their first goal, this only to fuel the energy back into the Eagles.  With the Eagles placing pressure on Woodley, it makes it difficult for them to find players to pass and they are penalised for holding the ball beyond 3 seconds. Eagles take this advantage and beautiful passing to Grace between Izzy, Sophie and Lottie result in a further goal.  Izzy holds the ball from going out of play with one hand and swiftly passes this to Grace who converts this to another goal.  The play between the girls is fast paced and they are finding spaces and passing to each other with skill and a high degree of accuracy.  Woodley are defending well but the Eagles show persistence and tenacity resulting in a breakthrough of the Woodley defence and another brilliant goal. Towards the end of this quarter Woodley want to cause Eagles difficulties by double marking Grace, but the Eagles attackers and centre come to her aid, passing high balls which Grace easily snatches from the air to score another goal.  This quarter ends with Eagles ahead; Eagles 16 – 5 Woodley.


The only change in the team is Izzy, who steps out as centre to make way for Amelia. The play is full of energy and Eagles are in control of the game and finding their way through the Woodley defence with relative ease during the first few minutes of this quarter. Woodley are working hard to break through the Eagles tight knit team and a couple of errors from the Eagles result in Woodley scoring a goal.  However, the Eagles team are showing their strength in intercepting and applying pressure on the opposition.  Anna is again proving to be an outstanding goal keeper and Sophie and Georgia show how to benefit from the Woodley team dropping the ball.  Their quick thinking and action leads to further goals for the Eagles with some excellent goal scoring from Sophie.  This quarter ends with Woodley managing 2 goals and the Eagles converting 21 goals; this quarter ends Eagles 37 – 7 Woodley.


Eagles have come out to this quarter with a few changes to the team; Georgia and Anna swopping positions (GD and GK) and Izzy placed as WA.  Woodley have come out in this quarter with a fighting edge to them and this is causing the Eagles to make a few silly mistakes.  Woodley take advantage of this and score; keeping the pressure on the Eagles who have to defend hard.  There are moments of the Eagles dropping of the ball and their play appears a little scrambled but a few words from the coach on the side-lines helps them get back into their rhythm and start claiming the goals to keep them ahead.  This was a tough quarter with Woodley pulling back 6 goals to the Eagles 11.  However, the Eagles remain ahead with 48 - 13 Woodley.


This is the final quarter of the final match of the season and the Eagles have so far remained undefeated.  The team make their final changes; with Grace off and replaced with Sophie as GS, Lottie as GA, Izzy as C and Amelia as WA.  This quarter sees Woodley defending hard against the tenacious and unforgiving Eagles. The team appear a little tired as they play this last quarter and Woodley are pushing against the Eagles defence and score.  Some encouragement on ‘one second passing’ from the coach sees the team pick up the pace a little and they manage to pull the scoring back and defend and attack well resulting in a final score of Eagles 61 – 19 Woodley.

This was an incredible match and all the girls demonstrated some fantastic ball skill, pace and team-working and each deserves recognition for their play today. Woodley voted Keira as their Player of the Match; and this is the 6th time this season she has been voted. Well done Keira.

The end to a very successful season for the girls playing and winning 10 matches; intact they have only lost one quarter all season. A remarkable achievement. Well done ALL.


Eagles U11 v Wokingham Red

Final Score Eagles 37 : 10 Wokingham Red

Quarter 1 saw a confident start for the Eagles with two rapidly scored opening goals and, with some good interception work from Isobel and Tamara the way was made for two more goals from Imogen.  Isla at C and Sienna at GA kept feeding the ball forwards, and together with Eloise at WA, they co-ordinated well to set up the next three goals. Wokingham grabbed a first goal in the last minute of the quarter.


Quarter 2 saw changes for all but one of the positions.  However the goals still kept coming, Annabel passed well at WA, working hard with Melody to keep feeding the shooters.  At half time it was 19 : 5 to Eagles, due in no small part to the doggedness of the central players and excellent defending. 


Quarter 3 again started with a swift goal for the Eagles and more goals quickly followed. Rhiannon as GK worked hard to get the ball back up towards the shooters and another string of goals.  


Quarter 4 with more changes Eagles powered on with great team co-ordination in attack and defence with Joely working well at WD.  


At the final score Wokingham’s tally was 10 and Eagles had moved on to 37.

Eagles Roy.jpg

Eagles U13 v Wokingham

Eagles 56 - 11 Wokingham

Another Sunday, and another Berkshire league U13 netball game in the offing.  This week’s opposition Wokingham - could the girls improve on the 45 - 12 win from last time they played?

A coin toss saw Eagles win the centre pass, and immediately piled on the pressure, quickly going 5 up without reply. Even with a very slippery surface the girls worked well together with great linkage between Lottie and SophieKeira and Georgia and some great work from Izzy as centre, intercepts from Holly and shooting from Grace - the whistle went and in the girls went at the end of the 1st quarter, 14 - 2 up.

The start to Q2 saw first blood go to Wokingham - so was there fire in the Wokingham belly?  Sophie quickly replied to quench the fire. Some great disruptive play from Eagles and again drives and linkages between IzzyKeira and Sophie and Lottie and Grace saw points rack up one after another. In our defensive third fantastic work from Holly and Georgia neutralise their attack to win the period 14 - 3 and go into half time with a score of 28 – 5.

Q3 saw some positional changes with Emily (playing up) as GS, helping out for the day.  Keira moved to C, Georgia to GK, Holly to GD and Grace to WD. Straight out of the blocks saw pressure on Wokingham with a number of held balls aiding and abetting the Eagles turnovers. An intercept from Holly saw the ball move to Keira to Sophie to Emilyand bang, one on the scoreline for Eagles.  Lottie was keeping their GD busy and Grace and Georgia were neutralising their attack. The whistle soon blew and in the girls went for their last coach discussion, winning the period 16 – 3 to go into the fourth quarter at 44 – 8.

Q4 saw a few changes in position, Sophie was given a rest and Izzy came back on as C as Keira moved to WA.  Lottie as GA drew first blood in a rather error strewn start of the period, but after some encouragement from the coach the simple errors started to disappear. Again, some nice interplay between IzzyKeiraLottie and Emily put pressure on the Wokingham defence and kept it on them all the way to the final whistle. The held balls, intercepts and turnovers kept coming as the girls turned the screw in attack and in defence. Once again, Holly, Georgia and Grace effectively neutralised any attack and were quick to move the ball out of the defensive D, through the channels and put pressure back on the Wokingham defence. Our girls pushed through the 50-point barrier with little reply.  Wokingham managed to grab a couple of points to take them into double points. A contact penalty was the only way the opposition scored and the whistle blew with the girls winning the period 12 - 3 to round off with a final score of 56 - 11: an improvement in attack and defence from the previous meeting (45-12).

Keira aka “elastagirl” was awarded player of the match by the Wokingham team, which would have been justified on her slides and stretches on the slippery court alone  - and who found out that “yes”, she could do the splits!



Eagles U13 v Newbury

Eagles 40 - 28 Newbury

With a starting seven of Anna, Holly, Keira, Amelia, Izzy, Lottie and Grace we got the luck of the toss to have the centre pass but in a sign of what was could be to come, Newbury got the turnover and went 1 up.  For the next 10 minutes the play on both sides was turnover after turnover – and the score climbed steadily for both teams. After some strong defence and intercepts we started to gel, putting points on the board without reply thanks to some top quality shooting by Grace – eventually finishing the quarter 12 - 6 up.

For Q2, Sophie came in as GA and Lottie had a break. With an Eagles centre pass and some strong defence we were quickly 15 - 6 up and then piled on the pressure with great intercepts. Excellent linkages between Izzy, Amelia and Sophie saw pressure build on the Newbury defence. Combined with much better work in our defensive circle and across the court saw us deliver a much better 2nd quarter to win the period 13 to 7, finishing 25 - 13.

Q3 saw a bench change with Lottie as GA, Sophie as GS and Grace taking a break. Newbury had the centre pass and with a turnover we started the 3rd Quarter strongly taking the first point. With some great defence and intercepts from Anna and Holly and some brilliant intercepts from Keira, leaping like a flying salmon, we built the pressure in the first few minutes but Newbury pegged us back to see us narrowly win the period 7 to 6, finishing 32 - 19.

The final quarter saw Grace come back on a GS and Sophie take a break. Whatever team talk the Newbury coach had given her squad, it had worked as they came out fighting with 5 points on the bounce before we were able to sink one. The flow of play then was with us, and our centre court players ensured that the ball was kept in the opposition half. Thanks to accurate shooting by Grace and Lottie we put a few on the board without reply. The flow of the game was then tit for tat until the final whistle which saw the score 40 - 28.

 With strong determination and resilience shown across the court, it was our toughest battle so far this season and it has identified some things for us to work on for the future.

There were elements of brilliance in all the players, and Keira was awarded player of the match by the Newbury team.