Final score Eagles 50 - 24 Royals

Venue: Bracknell Leisure Centre

Date: Sunday 3rd March 2019

Happy girls with their coach Neil Day.

Happy girls with their coach Neil Day.

The game was really good spirited and both teams worked very hard.

An early held ball by Royals gave Eagles a chance and an early goal ensued. Royals then replied with a tremendous goal from long range. Royals then dominated early play and scored the next 3 goals. Royals played with a calm, relaxed demeanour and their passing was considered and accurate. 

Suddenly, Eagles found their feet and there was a flurry of goals. The shooters missed few chances and scored the next 6 goals. Eagles’ Goal Defence and Goal Keeper played well together and cleared several balls. They were reading the game well and denied the Royals' shooters. 

Eagles’ Wing Defence was playing well too and outwitted the opposition several times. It was a close quarter.

The quarter finished Eagles 10 - 7 Royals.

Eagles commanded the start of the next quarter. The game was more fluid and the pace picked up. There were several blocks by Eagles’ defence. Eagles relied on a few rebounds to score but the team looked in control. There was a super long range goal by Royals which was matched by a similar goal from Eagles.

Eagles’ Goal Defence was determined and held off the attacks by Royals. The game was exciting to watch. Royals kept their composure and played with confidence. The Eagles’ Centre Third were working hard and they made several turnovers.

The quarter finished Eagles 24 - 13 Royals.

Royals started the quarter with an impressive goal. Quickly matched by an Eagles' counterattack and goal. Royals were marking well but there were several Eagles’ turnovers in the Centre Third. Eagles’  Wing Attack made some solid interceptions. The middle of the quarter saw scoring from both teams. 

The game was fast moving and passing was accurate with many long balls. Both teams were taking their time to think of their next move and there was much set play. There were several long, high balls played to the Eagles’ Goal Shooter. Royals were applying a lot of pressure towards the end of the quarter but the Eagles’ defence stayed strong.

The quarter finished Eagles 36 - 21 Royals.

Eagles' Wing Attack and Wing Defence started the quarter on fire and this allowed Eagles to notch up the goals. The pace of the game had picked up again. Eagles Centre was working hard and winning ball. Although Royals were playing well, the Eagles were relentless. Several long range goals from Eagles fuelled the confidence of the strikers.

Eagles’ Goal Keeper and Goal Defence were working well together and denied Royals several times. Royals showed their grit and resilience with consistent play but it was another win for Eagles. An enjoyable game to watch.

Natasha Rycroft was Player of the Match. Well done!