Eagles U16 v Woodley White

A strong performance today, with confidence across the team building and great foundation to build from
Eagles 59 - 14 Woodley White
Wellington College 06.10.2019

The match got off to a positive start with strong defensive play, marking and turnarounds from the girls. Keira achieved some great interceptions which set the tone for the game.Passing was positive into Grace who converted well, with Sophie supporting Grace with some impressive shooting. The girls kept up the pressure forcing errors, although there were a few opportunities missed to capitalise on rebounds. Georgia and Nya worked well in defence with strong marking and great interceptions supported with some positive centre play from Helena. Izzy was quick to react following a penalty, seizing the opportunity to pass through to Grace for a great goal. In the last moments of the game the girls just missed out with a disallowed goal which had been taken after the quarter end whistle had blown.  Q1 score: 15 - 4 Eagles

Off to another strong start with Lottie seizing a rebound securing the first goal of Q2. Grace continued strong with some great shooting and confident style supporting Lottie well in the D. A great reset from Georgia to go on to set up Grace to another goal scored. Ball placement was good and both Kiera and Amelia continued the trend achieving some great interceptions. Resets were improved from Q1 with Amelia quick on the uptake from Centre to pass through to score. The team in general were playing well, with great energy, communication, accurate passing, hands up high and pressure maintained. Georgia managed 3 great interceptions in succession, with defence play strong all round. Play was stopped due to a collision between Georgia and the Woodley GA’s nose. The impact was unavoidable with no fault attributed to either player.  Play resumed minus the Woodley GA for the remainder of the quarter! Q2 score: 31 - 6 Eagles

Soon after the whistle blew for Q3 Amelia secured another great interception which was fed through to Grace for goal 32. Strong defensive play continued with good pressure maintained to force Woodley errors for Eagles to convert to goals. Grace’s general play was impressive with some really confident shooting. Amelia kept those arms high forcing mistakes and securing further interceptions. A last ditched attempt from Sophie to secure a goal in the final seconds sadly didn’t make it in but 10 out of 10 for effort and nearly colliding with the post!! Q3 Score: 43 - 7 Eagles

Tiredness was setting in with some confusion from the outset and a strong final push from Woodley.  Woodley seized some early offensive opportunities and defended well. Kiera and Nya both held the defence well with a few interceptions allowing Sophie to drive forward and score a couple of great goals.  Concentration was definitely down on the first 3 quarters with slower than normal reactions to penalties and a few missed opportunities to seize the advantage. Overall Woodley had a very good Q4 performance, however Eagles were able to secure 12 more goals in the final quarter and were pipped by the whistle for the 60.  Overall a really strong game with great play from all the girls and a well deserved result. 

 Final Score 59-14 Eagles.

Congratulations to Amelia for player of the match
Woodley Player of the match was their WA

Post-match comments:
Defence was strong, shooting equally impressive and some great forced errors.
Areas to focus on: foot work, ball placement & resets standing out the most to work on.

Squad today: Nya, Georgia, Keira, Helena, Amelia, Izzy, Lottie, Sophie, Grace


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