Eagles U12 v Finch Green

Final Score: Eagles 43 v 5 Finch Green (W)

Centre Pass was a little late at nearly 2pm and Finch turned us over from the off but they didn’t keep it long and we went straight down the middle, high ball into Eden, who scores within 30 seconds

Helena ad Dane executed great defence and some lovely interceptions to shut Finch out and it was straight down the court.  Sara, Izzy and Charlotte linking up well through the middle and Eden kept putting them away.  14-0 at the end of Q1.

Q2 started with a fast goal for Finch, who looked like a different team.  Finch put our girls under lots of pressure, forcing lots of mistakes and suddenly we’re the ones being intercepted and can’t score.  8 minutes into the quarter and Finch have scored 4 to our 2…some gentle reminders from the sidelines and we’re back in the groove.  20-4 at half time.

The rally at the end of the half continues into the 3rd quarter.  Amelie scores 4 great goals from distance early on and six more come from Charlotte and Amelie as Ruby, Sara and Tabitha link up to feed them.  Another shutout at the defensive end means it’s 30-4 heading into the final quarter.

Finch’s centre pass is intercepted by Izzy straight from the off and Eagles have a great start.  Eden is shooting well and with some brilliant interceptions from Dane, perfectly reading the line of the ball, the feeds down the middle and high balls in from Tabitha and Izzy to Eden the score continues to rise.  More interceptions from Sara and Eagles are well in control.  Finch do score and when the final whistle comes it’s a convincing win for Eagles 43 – 5.

This has been a great team performance with everyone playing their part and it’s Eden that get’s a well deserved Player of the Match from Finch

Squad: Annabel Tanner, Kiera Elliot, Charlotte Yarrow (C), Helena Kennedy, Marta Mirone, Lottie Coates, Izzy Thomas, Amelie Helm and Dane Grundlingh (in front as Player of the Match)