Eagles U12 v Magnet

Final Score: Eagles 28 v 15 Magnet (W)

As the match got underway you could tell it was January! Slow start, lots of footwork, lots of intercepts, Magnet fouling all over the court and Eagles missed 9 shots in a row!  3-3 as the quarter closed, Magnet were as rusty as we were.

Q2 was a lot better, a little chat with Neil and the girls were awake again.  Great linking-up down the right wing and through the centre put Eagles in good scoring positions and Amelie and Marta bring up 10 for the quarter whilst Dane and Charlotte do a stunning job in defence to almost shut Magnet out.  13-4 at half time is more like it!

Q3 continued where Q2 left off despite a couple of changes (Priya having to come off unwell after a great first half).  More strong defence, great linking up between Ruby, Tabitha and Izzy in the centre and spot-on shooting from Freya and Marta to dominate the play throughout. 

As we enter the final quarter 25-6 up, it’s Magnet who make the better start and having struggled to get in good shooting positions until now suddenly find their form scoring 6 in 4 minutes! 

Eagles regroup and take control again but the ball refuses to go through the hoop.  No matter, the game ends 28-15 and after a slow start it’s another strong performance from the Eagles’ girls. 

Well done all and especially to Tabitha who got player of the Match from the Magnet in her first game back.

Squad: Marta, Dane, Freya, Priya, Izzy, Charlotte (Y), Amelie, Tabitha and Ruby.