Eagles U13 v MK Netters

Final Score: Eagles 44 v 20 MK Netters (W)


The first match of the year with the U13 Development Squad, and what a match it was! We were all very excited for this match but unfortunately, not everyone could make it, due to injuries/illnesses.

Despite that, and even with a shorter number of players, we were still able to play very well and proudly bring home another Eagles victory.

Q1 started slightly rough, with a score of 13-10 to us at the end of it. It felt like a see-saw: 1 goal to them one goal to us, you could tell it was the first match after the holidays.

Q2 was so much better, ending with a score of 21-14 to us. We only let one goal enter for MK Netters as Eden and Maddie V did a very good job at keeping the goals from going in!

Q3 was another great result, finishing at 34-15 to us. We let the ball travel up the court so much better and Johanna, Keshni and Maddi L made some great interceptions on the court. Their feeding into the circle was very easy to catch and the shooters were clearly on their day, rarely missing an opportunity to score.

During Q4 there were a couple of thrown away balls, but overall it was still a good performance from Eagles, with a great job done by Lucy and Charlotte that managed to score another 10 goals in the last 15 minutes of the match.

The final score was 44-20 to Eagles, which felt good but also very frustrating as our target was to reach 45 goals!

Overall, the match was very well fought with some great passes from both teams and I just want to say a big thank you to the coaches and umpires and to the MK Netters’ parents who provided a lovely tea, Also, a very well done to the well-deserved player of the match Maddi L.