Eagles U11 v Magnet

Final Score:  Eagles 22 v 7 Magnet (W)

Is Neil playing I'm a little teapot?

Is Neil playing I'm a little teapot?

I think you could tell it was a while since there last competitive match after the Xmas break. The team got off to a slow start with footwork, players making the same drives, and missed shots.

Q2 was better after a talking to from Neil and the team started to play the right patterns with good link ups, great defence, much better mid court play and more consistent shooting. The errors were reduced and the team restricted Magnet to a handful of chances. End of Q2 12-2.

Into Q3 and a couple of changes, strong performance from our defence again and great mid court play and feeds into the circle meant we continued in the same vein as Q2. End of the quarter 19-4 to Eagles to stretch the lead and put the game beyond Magnets.

Into Q4 and a couple of changes by Neil to play some people in different positions meant the team were having to adapt, so the errors in link-up play increased and the scoreboard ticked along but it was good to give the girls a challenge to develop. Final score 22-7 to Eagles.

Great performance all round, with Eve Bishopp getting the vote for POM from Magnets.