Eagles U13 v Marlow Kites


Final Score: Eagles 24 v Marlow Kites 29 (L)

Our first match against Marlow Kites was extremely close.  The final score was 29-24, and in Quarter 3 and 4 we were trying to turn around the small goal difference.

The match commenced with an energetic start, with everyone excited to play their first match.  Marlow Kites had a strong attack but we managed to get some interceptions.  The score at the end of the first quarter left us five goals down with the score 9-14 to Marlow Kites.  What we were lacking was speed and connectivity between us.

In the second quarter we made the game a bit more challenging for Marlow Kites making the score 14-17 to them.  Our defenders got some great interceptions and this time we made some good movement.  We started to increase communication between us but still we needed to improve reading the game and each other.  If we finished the shot every time we could have won the quarter but the missed shots cost us.

The third quarter we showed determination and improved our play more than the previous quarter although we made some critical passing mistakes and threw the ball away.  This time the goal difference increased by one and we were 4 down.

Quarter 4 was our best performance we increased our speed and played the “Eagles” way! Our passing was accurate and we shot all the goals.  The C and GD from Marlow Kites were very very tight markers and our team did a great job of escaping them and getting the ball.  While we didn’t manage to close the goal gap we knew what we had to do to make us a tough opposition for them and we did.

It was a good game and lots of fun.  We have to remember to try something new if what we are doing is not working and not just use the same moves.  If we apply the 5 little things we learned during this game and improve it which is (1) speed and fast sprints (2) accurate passes and shots in the net (3) trying something different if what we are doing is not working (4) increasing communication and (5) reading off each other the next match I’m sure we can win.

Well done to Maddi Lovett who was chosen by Marlow Kites as Eagles Player of the match

Match report written by Keshni Manek