Final Score: Eagles 68 - 09 Magnet


A cold sports hall, saw the second half of the season underway and the first match of 2019.  The opposition were team Magnet who were the last match of the 2018.  Magnets started with the centre pass which was quickly turned over and straight into the opposition third to Grace and bingo, we were one up.  Centre pass followed centre pass and the points kept racking up. A few minutes later we were 13-1 up without reply thanks to some great defensive work to deny Magnets access to the D and impeccable shooting by Grace and Lottie. Magnets then found the net before losing another 3 without return to hear the whistle blow with Eagles 16-02 ahead.

Q2 saw first blood to Magnets but intense pressure and great intercepts by Anna and Keira soon swung the quarter back our way. Some lovely linkage between Izzy, Amelia and the two shooters, together with precision shooting from Grace and Lottie saw Eagles take the quarter 16-3 to lead 32-05 at the half-way mark despite a little bit of untidiness creeping in towards the end.


Q3 opened with a Magnets centre pass, almost instantly turned over thanks to great intercepting by Keira. By now, the pressure on Magnets was relentless. Thanks to each member of the team defending like demons – all arms were up high defending every ball thanks to Friday night’s top training tip! – Eagles won Q3 18-3 and went into the final quarter with a 50-09 lead.

With a strong lead, it was time for Neil to mix things up a bit for the final quarter, which saw Grace playing GA, Lottie on GS, Holly as GD, Georgia in GK and Anna as WD. After a few initial fumbles as people got used to their new positions, Magnets responded well with some tight defensive work. However, Eagles quickly found their feet. The movement up the court and feed into the circle for some precision shooting was only matched by some fantastic intercepting and defending by Izzy, Holly and Georgia. Eagles completely shut out Magnet in the final quarter to win overall by 68-09.  

This was a fantastic team effort with every player producing a great performance. Although hard to single any one player out, Keira was the well-deserved Player of the Match. Sorry Neil, we’ll try and get to 70 next time!

U12A Eagles Vs Magnet - Sunday 9 December

 Eagles 27- Magnet 18.

The last game of the term!

Q1:- Magnet scored in the opening few minutes of the game and looked strong throughout the first quarter. There were several excellent interceptions by Eagles’ Wing Defence.

Magnet dominated play and looked impressive; their passing of the ball was tidy and efficient. The Eagles’ shooters persevered to score but there were chances missed. 

Magnet dominated the end of the quarter but Eagles’ Goal Defence worked hard and denied them scoring opportunities. The quarter finished Eagles 7 - Mag

net 4.

Q2:- Eagles made a stronger start to the second half and the Eagles’ shooters were more consistent. Eagles’ Centre worked hard throughout the quarter but play was less tidy from both teams.

Magnet then ceased their first real opportunity for a while and scored. There was plenty of pressure form Eagles’ defence and Magnet could not capitalise further. 

Meanwhile, the Eagles’ shooters were persevering and there was a steady stream of goals. The quarter finished Eagles 14 - Magnet 5.

Q3:- Magnet had a very strong third quarter with several sensational goals scored, some from long range. Their confidence grew.

Eagles were working hard but the goals weren’t coming as easily. Changes were made and the team regrouped and worked hard. Eagles’ Centre and Goal Attack looked strong.

The quarter finished Eagles 18 - Magnet 11.

Q4:- The game became faster and there was lots of running up and down court from both teams. 

For the first section of the quarter, each team scored consecutively but then the Eagles shooting became stronger and the scoreline widened.

Both team were working hard but gameplay was becoming less tight. Tiredness was setting in. Overall an exciting game to watch.

The match score finished Eagles 27 - Magnet 18.

Player of the match was Eve Bishopp. Well done!



Final Score : Eagles 49 - 28 Magnet

Q1 (off Ruby, Anna & Sophie) Magnets opened well with an early goal quickly followed by Eagles.  It was a fast-moving start to the game with great interceptions from Amelia, Keira & Georgia. It was the highest scoring quarter for Eagles with a slew of goals from Grace & Lottie. A great opening quarter ending 18-8 to Eagles.

Q2 (off Georgia, Lotties & Keira) This was a tricky quarter for Eagles with some great goals from Magnets and from an impressive distance from the goal. Neverthelesss, there was also some great defending from Holly and some good interceptions from Anna, Izzy & Ruby. Sophie scored some impressive goals but for the first time this season the opposition won the quarter. Score 27-18 to Eagles.

 Q3 (off Anna, Ruby & Izzy) The girls recovered their form for this quarter and they had more possession of the ball which resulted in more goals being scored. There were lots of great interceptions from all the girls and they managed to contain the Magnets team resulting in them only scoring 5 goals in this quarter which ended 39-23 Eagles.

Q4 (off Grace, Amelia & Holly) The final quarter saw some errors and missed opportunities as the girls tired, they kept the pressure on Magnets and won the quarter. There were some good interceptions and chasing from Anna. Lottie scored some excellent goals, there was great defending from Georgia and good passing from Izzy.  Final score 49-28, another great victory.

Congratulations to all the girls – it was a really entertaining and engaging game that kept us all on the edge of our seats. Congratulations to Keira who won player of the match which was well deserved. Eagles gave POTM to the Magnets WA.



Final score Eagles 43 : 31 B’s Sky

Our toughest match of the season as the two undefeated teams in the Berkshire League meet. Good pressure from the Eagles right from the off and Lottie forces an interception. Great ball in from Izzy and Grace makes it 1 - 0. The B’s players are tall and well drilled, it doesn’t take them long to respond. Keira and Holly are doing great work on intercepts, Anna and Holly rebounding well and Eagles start to dominate. Izzy and Frankie are linking up well in the centre and it’s 8 - 1 within 10 minutes. B’s are playing well but have yet to find their range shooting and the quarter ends 10 - 4.

Grace is shooting well with good feeds from Izzy and Amelia. Lottie’s shooting is perfect as usual and our defence is strong and Eagles re comfortable at 20 - 11 at half time.

B’s up the pace and the match takes on a new intensity in the third quarter and they briefly narrow the gap to 27 - 20 with some great linking up in the centre. Lottie, Amelia and Frankie are working hard to get Grace in good positions. She drowse the foul and it’s 28 - 20 and 31 - 20 as the quarter ends.

Eagles get the better start to the final period. Izzy feeding Lottie and Grace in good positions and we are up 35-20. B’s are not finished yet and despite great work from Ruby, Holly and Anna they close the gap to 35 - 25. In the closing minutes it’s end to end with every member of the Eagles team playing their part in keeping us ahead to end the match victorious at 43 - 21.

That’s 4 wins from 4 matches for Eagles U13’s



Final score Eagles 43 : 14 Woodley

Sunday 11 November
Woodley got the centre pass to start the game but after a few fouls from both teams we secured the turnover and went 1 up and that set the tone for the first quarter.  Some good interceptions up and down the court and some good defence saw us go into the break 10-3 up.  The second quarter started as the 1st with the first point to us after a turnover, and we dominated this quarter putting 7 points on the board before Woodley could reply. As the opposition got into their game their defence got stronger and we upped our game accordingly, finishing the quarter 24-7. A team talk at half time and a change of positions saw another strong start to the third quarter with us putting 4 on the board without reply. Some great defence up and down the court and good link up work moving the ball forward saw us go into the final break with a score line of 34 - 9. The final quarter beckoned and Woodley came out fighting with the first point to them getting them into double figures.  Our reply was 4 without a response. A quarter of great intercepts from Kiera and a strong defence had Woodley resorting to taking long range shots to get points on the board. As the final whistle blew the final score was 43 to 14.

Some great stats from our shooters made sure that our goal difference continues to widen and a strong performance from the whole squad saw Kiera nominated by Woodley as our player of the match. Well done girls.